Development of an Efficient Manufacturing of Laser Assisted Colds-Sprayed components for the Automotive Industry


Development of an Efficient Manufacturing of Laser Assisted Colds-Sprayed components for the Automotive Industry


The experience and the know-how of ILS are known around the world in various industries. Since its creation in 2003, ILS forged itself a name synonym of serious, know-how and quality. 

Our company built and installed special machines of laser machining answering the needs of the motor, medical, nuclear, factoring, aeronautic and spatial industry. 

The right Laser source for the right Process 

With ILS you will benefit from years of work experience in various domains using laser processing. 

It all begins with our study department which listens to each of your demands and with you, takes part in the creation of your system, the one which will fulfill your reliability, accuracy, sturdiness and productivity standards. 

Design on a Solidwork station 

Besides, it’s important to choose the right type of laser source so that the said source is ideally adapted to the process: pulsated (femto, pico, nano…), continued stream, UV, visible or IR. 

Together with our partners, we perform trials allowing the qualification of the laser settings for a given process. 

This stage is essential. It will allow us to validate the type of source, its power measurements, so its ability to fullfill your process requirement its cost. 

Laser machines with a multidisciplinary capacity. 

Although our machines are made on demand, we always integrate standard elements in our systems. It allows us to maintain the continuous existence of your working tool and to optimize maintenance across the years. 

Some of our machines can integrated two kinds of laser sources. We were the first to develop such concept on our laser machining solutions. This allows the optimization of each laser source, while still working on the same machine. Thus you’ll win more room and you will save money. 

The laser technology is a fast evolving sector and we must integrate the most effective, sturdy and adapted sources to the need of our customers and fitting perfectly in an ecological and sustainable development logic. Thus our welding or cutting systems are built with sources having energetic yield above 30%. 

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