Development of an Efficient Manufacturing of Laser Assisted Colds-Sprayed components for the Automotive Industry


Development of an Efficient Manufacturing of Laser Assisted Colds-Sprayed components for the Automotive Industry

Low Thermal Cold Spray Systems

 Cold Spray equipment blasts the work piece with cold, solid-state, high-velocity metallic particles. The usual detrimental effects caused by heat, such as stresses and strains, are thus eliminated. Both the work piece and the coating material remain virtually cold, hence Cold Spray.

This technology was developed by Russian scientists in the mid 1980s. Minute metallic particles bond with a substrate when they impact its surface at supersonic speeds. The discovery that metallic particles could bond based solely on their kinetic energy was investigated further in later years and ultimately, the technology was developed under the name Cold Spray.

Cold Spray Principle

Because the adhesion of the metals is not based on a melting process, this technology eliminates all the detrimental heat-related effects, e.g. stresses and strains, associated with other thermal processes. Cold Spray technology is viewed as being the newest member of the thermal spray family, yet can be regarded as being in a class of its own thanks to its unique characteristics.


  • No heat input
  • Countless applications
  • Ready to spray within 10 seconds
  • Pre-treatment often unnecessary
  • Immediately ready for finishing


Video of a cold Spray Process (clic on the image)




The process is perfect for repairing all sorts of damage sustained by metal components, e.g. knocks, dents, scratches, rust spots, cracks, etc. Depending on the situation, it is even possible to make temporary or permanent repairs where it would otherwise cost too much and/or take too long (downtime) to replace the part.

Koper coating op stalen delen voor een betere geleidingKoper coating op aluminium contacten voor geleiding en corrosiebescherming.

Copper coating on steel components for improved conductivity


Reparatie van een ijzeren mal, gebruikt om petflessen te makenReparatie van een beschadigde aluminium mal

Repairing a damaged aluminium mould



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